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Capabilities Automation

Automated Machining Solutions

The word automation is generally used to describe efforts that reduce human interaction from a process. For example, businesses may need to decide whether customer service should continue to enter orders manually or to use EDI, whether to assemble components manually or integrate robotics into their process, whether to audit database transactions daily or deploy a business process to analyze database records automatically and in real-time. Each scenario may require a unique combination of disciplines, but from a high-level view, the main forms of automation seen in manufacturing today are related to hardware and software.

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What is automation?

At EJ Basler, we define automation as the implementation of IT (information technology) and OT (operational technology) to enable our processes and operate autonomously or to enhance them.

Using the interdisciplinary branch of engineering known as mechatronics, we apply a broad range of technologies to support our vision and to care for our clients.

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Example IT/OT technologies and automation deployed at EJ Basler:

Our team at E.J. Basler utilizes various forms of automation to provide solutions for customer service, quality assurance, automated machining services, and more.

  • Our customer service team offers the integration of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) technology that allows a more efficient and effective exchange of business documents.
  • Our automation team supports the integration of conventional or collaborative robotics to power the consistent quality and throughput of an assembly process.
  • Our advanced analytics team is regularly deploying business intelligence tools to encourage quick strategic decision making and to drive operational excellence.
  • Our quality assurance team integrates cutting-edge metrology devices and statistical software to enforce world-class quality across all our operations.

Automation at E.J. Basler

With enough visibility on demand, E.J. Basler can craft the most cost-effective and reliable processes for you, allowing our organizations to benefit and grow together. We are not afraid to jump in and take a creative approach which is exactly what sets us apart.

There are many precision-product companies out there, but we strongly believe that autmated processes related to your products will continually improve from the first operation to the last when you work with us.

It’s not just precision machine parts that we make, but rather precise works of art that serve as the backbone of your industry and our country.


How Can Automation Help You?

Do you find yourself having the same problem with a machine part? Some dimension that’s continuously out of spec? A pesky burr that never seems to come off?

We utilize automation through various processes to ensure your requirements are met, such as:

  • OT (Operational Technology)
  • IT (Information Technology)
  • Inline Gauging (Metrology)
  • Vision Systems (Metrology)
  • Conventional and Collaborative Robotics
  • Additive Manufacturing for prototyping and fixturing (3D Printing)
  • EDI Integration (IT)
  • Advanced Analytics (IT)

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