E.J. Basler is committed to sustainability – and not just from an environmental perspective. We focus on sustainability because it is essential to creating true quality.

We use RECs РRenewable Energy Credits Рto offset all of our energy that is consumed by clean wind power from the Midwest.

With the tracking of power, gas and water consumption, we are working towards a 10% reduction in overall consumption by the year 2020.

Optimization and Ongoing ImprovementsEJ-Basler-Precieion-Machining-Environmental-Policies

What makes E.J. Basler so unique is our ability to identify and optimize areas of excess. For instance, we are currently recycling all water and oil for re-use in our own machinery.

Whether in design, streamlining processes or optimizing the production stages of our precision machined parts work, we constantly seek to improve our efforts and the quality of our work.

This includes ways in which we repurpose our waste and reduce our excess. From recycling to waste management, our commitment to sustainability includes constant review of planning, production, manufacturing, recycling and disposal programs.

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