What are Red Metals?

Red metals are metals that appear to have a reddish hue, which consists of copper, bronze, and brass. The main alloying component within each of these metals is copper.

E.J. Basler Co. Has been a provider of Swiss precision machined parts for decades. We are able to supply quality red metal machined parts with outstanding service. Read on to learn about the common red metals we utilize.

C14500 Tellurium Copper

  • Free machining form of copper
  • Good machinability

Tellurium copper has high thermal and electrical conductivity. It has decent machinability and is used for parts such as bolts, fittings, and electrical contacts.

C10100 Oxy-free Copper

  • Poor machinability
  • Great conductivity
  • Suited to cold forming operations

Oxy-free copper is used for electrical wiring such as speakers and audio connector cables. This metal performs well in these applications due to its ability to transfer low-frequency sounds.

C36000 Free Machining Brass

  • Most common form
  • Highly machinable

Free machining brass is soft and ductile, and it machines very well. It is widely used for screws, connectors, fittings, and electronic components.

C35300 High Leaded, Thread Rolling Brass

  • Great machinability

High leaded brass is great for thread rolling and knurling. Its machinability is higher than most other options and is used greatly when screw machine parts need limited cold formability.

C37000 Low Lead, Free Cutting Muntz Brass

  • Less machinable due to lower lead

This mix of copper and zinc has high corrosion resistance. It is used for a number of architectural applications and is commonly used for base screw machines.

C66800 High Strength Brass/Bronze

  • Medium machinability
  • Wear-resistant

High strength brass and bronze is used for parts such as fittings, pipes, and wiring due to its conductivity.

Our Services

E.J. Basler has been a go-to supplier of CNC Swiss machined parts for decades. We make great use of our equipment, producing thousands of parts with no defects. From CNC machining centers to screw machines to high-volume Swiss machines, we have the proper equipment as well as the expertise to produce any red metal machined parts.

Current Quality Certifications

  • IATF 16949:2016 certified
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Additive manufacturing available
  • Automated inspection equipment unique to your part available with in house automation team
  • PPAP compliant for all your capability study needs
  • FMEA used throughout the manufacturing system- from inception to shipment