Multi Spindle Automatic Screw Machining

E.J. Basler specializes in the multi spinidle automatic screw machining. Multi spindle machines (also called multi spindle lathes) were designed to machine lathe parts several times faster than conventional lathes. The basic principle that allows this high speed production is based around splitting up the turning operations (screw, drill, bore, turn, shave, form, ream, thread, etc.) among several different spindles that operate simultaneously. The operation with the longest cycle time determines how fast a multi spindle machine can produce parts.

Typically used in larger production runs, E. J. Basler’s Acme multi-spindle machines utilize 6 or 8 cam driven spindles to divide the work. Each non-cutoff station has cross working as well as axial working capabilities. Our multi spindle machines can accommodate bar stock sizes up to 51mm (2”) in diameter, using materials from aluminum to stainless steel or even exotic metals.


Multi-Spindle Machining Services

Acme Principle
Acme Principle
Acme Principle 2
Drill Centre Block


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