Precision Machined Stainless Steel Automotive Parts

TPrecision Machined Stainless Steel Automobile Parts from EJ Basler Machine Shophese precision machined parts are stainless steel barb fittings for a fuel rail in a passenger type automobile.

The stainless steel grade used is specifically made to withstand extreme amounts of corrosion in the field (better than 303 stainless steel for example).

Although this helps with corrosion, it makes the precision machining portion much more difficult due to the high Chromium and low Sulphur in the material chemistry.

The E.J. Basler Company is ISO/TS16949 Certified. This means our customers an rest assured that we are among the most sophisticated manufacturers in the top tier of precision machine shops in the world.

A wide range of automotive industry companies trust the E.J. Basler Company for worry-free precision machined parts and components. And, of course, our stringent quality management systems apply to our non-automotive customers as well.

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