Precision Machined Parts for Offroad Vehicles – Product Profile

Precision Machined Vehicle PartsE.J. Basler Company created these precision machined parts as part of a special assembly for off-road vehicles.  This assembly contains 5 major components:  

  • A ground end spring
  • A rolled spring pin
  • A washer
  • A nut
  • A stud

Precision Machined Auto Parts - Close up Detail ImageThe final assembly must be set to have a gap between the washer and stud shoulder within ±0.035mm (~±.0014”). Once the gap is assembled, it is permanently set using a special spot weld on the end of the stud.

Our clients are delighted to learn that the E.J. Basler Company offers a typical tolerance range in the +/-.0005” (+/-.013mm) range depending on application. (And did we forget to mention that we are ISO/TS 16949 Certified?)

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