Quality Control and ISO 9001:2015

EJ Basler Precision Machining ISO 9001 2015

Very exciting to go to #thequalityshow today in Rosemont,IL.

Our team attended a lecture about the newest revision of ISO 9001:2015. Matt Ames did a wonderful job presenting the largest changes to the standard.

Below I have highlighted a few of the items discussed:

  • There is a 3 years transitions timeline form ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015 standards.
  • They are getting away from the term procedure and quality manual. Instead they have changed it to “organization shall provide documented information that is sufficient”
  • Large emphasis on management involvement
  • Transition to risk based thinking
  • Identification of interested parties: customers, suppliers, neighbors, etc.

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ISO TS16949 Certified – Company Celebration

 EJ-Basler-Precision-Machining-Cookout-1We had a wonderful ISO T S Certification celebration steak cook-out this week.

Dennis, Ed, and Brian, the owners of E. J. Basler, cooked over 100 steaks this Tuesday to congratulate all the hard work that our employees did on our journey to ISO/TS 16949 certification. 

EJ-Basler-Precision-Machining-TS-CertificationWe were certified this spring to ISO TS16949, an ISO (International Standards Organization) standard for the Automotive industry. The process to certification was a long journey that required everyone on our staff to perform at the top of their game. Continue reading “ISO TS16949 Certified – Company Celebration”

More Hydromat Machines Arriving at E.J. Basler

Hydromat Machine at EJ BaslerIt’s Hydromat moving day at E.J. Basler Co. We sold an older model machine tool and are moving in 2 hydromat machines to run production orders for a brand new customer.

It’s exciting to ramp up our capacity and do so with the Hydromat Epic series.

The Epic Hydromat machines offer precision machined parts at high volumes that are perfect for Automotive suppliers and U.S. Government military suppliers. Continue reading “More Hydromat Machines Arriving at E.J. Basler”

Improving Custom Machined Part Quality with Better Communication

precision machine partsIt is amazing what can be accomplished through continuous improvement. One of our projects, initiated this past quarter, was to develop a new APQP with our suppliers. APQP stands for advanced product quality planning, a term that was originated by the  Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG). Continue reading “Improving Custom Machined Part Quality with Better Communication”