Manufacturing in the Time of COVID-19

As the days draw on with continuing news coverage of panic and pandemic, it is hard to not let the anxiety of it all settle. You’re frightened about the future coming days. You find yourself in an anxious, downward, news filled spiral. What does this mean for your life? Your livelihood your future? Your children? Your parents?  Most of these questions we cannot answer. The virus does not have an expiration date and we will not be filled with immediate future security for quite some time. Its hard to stop and think. Its hard to pause for a moment of relief and not get curious about the Spanish flu that took 50 million lives just over 100 years ago. I feel myself being pulled back to history to possibly find a sign of relief. Yet, the only solace I do see is in myself. In the very fact that just a few months ago I rarely thought about the Spanish flu in my daily life. The fact that the world continued and thrived for so many years after what people called was the worst pandemic in modern history.

My great grandfather died in the Spanish flu and it affected the trajectory of our lives forever. Would my grandfather have started E. J. Basler Company if he did not feel the weight of providing for the family? Would my father have met my mother if the family was not anchored to a business in the Chicago area. Every moment of our lives leads into a new reality for our future.  For many of us this time is terrifying, the world feels staggering and dangerous. It feels like this because it is. All those feelings you are feeling are real.  It is okay to feel fear, anxiety, sadness, and grief. Allow yourself to feel all the feelings so you can get onto the important business of living.

Yet, even in the midst of this uncertainty, we can still look around and see all the bright spots of humanity. Fresh bread being baked for neighbors, signs of hope and gratefulness to the front line workers. A #pandemicpals writing group rising to help carry the burden of isolation in the form of snail mail. These streaks of sun invading our dreary grey days, little rays of hopeful defiance. Reminding us that we are not alone, that we are in this together and that the only way through will be by each of us working united. The virus has no favorites and comes for every income, age, and race.

If there is one thing, we can all say for certainty it is that life eventually will go back to normal. There will be theater shows and concerts again. Family birthday parties and restaurant romantic dinners. We will be able to gather in parks and hug our friends and loved ones closely.

In the meantime, we will stay committed to the health of our families our employees, our customers and our communities. We will wash our hands and social distance ourselves while remembering that each passing day brings us that much closer to a future fueled by the very best of us standing collectively.

We are in this together and will continue to work to provide essential businesses with supplies to keep our lives humming along even if the hum (for the time being) is not quite as loud as before.

      Let’s continue thinking how we can structure our partnerships for success when we are left at the end of this pandemic putting the puzzle back together again.

United We Rise

E. J. Basler Volunteers

This past year we had the unique opportunity to volunteer with Feed My Starving Children and Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly. We took this time with our Basler colleagues to help out in our communities.

Feed My Starving Children is a organization that distributes meals to children around the globe. We had over 18 E. J. Basler employees participate in this volunteer opportunity packing over 20,000 meals that would eventually end up in Nicaragua, Haiti, and Kenya among other places.

With Little Brothers Friends of the Community, Basler employees were able to connect with elderly in our community and distribute gifts during the holidays.

The driving force behind the volunteer events was our Core Value “Engage in Life”. We at E. J. Basler believe strongly in participating in the communities that surround us. We are excited for what 2020 will bring.

E.J. Basler Volunteers

Automation Integration Podcast

Have you wondered what it would be like to add more automation for to your production experience?

At E.J. Basler Co we have a dedication automation engineer committed to providing automated improvements to your manufacturing facilities. Elias is on the podcast MakingChips discussing the rewards and difficulties to automation integration within precision machining. He joins Jason Zenger and Jim Carr for a chat about all things mechatronics, cobots, and automation.

Have some free time while on your morning commute?  Tune into MakingChips


E.J. Basler Acquires Century Automatics

 E.J. Basler continues on the path for growth by acquiring Century Automatics


We are excited to announce E.J. Basler’s recent acquisition of Century Automatics in Huntley, Illinois effective as of February 18, 2019. This is a wonderful addition to our growing capabilities. Century Automatics will add a lineup of 40 Davenports along with 30 dedicated employees to our team.

E.J. Basler is headed for growth and can not wait to have you be a part of our future. With our new capabilities we look forward to seeing how the Davenport machining department can be a solution for our customer’s small diameter precision machine part needs.

For all inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to partnering with you on your next project.


Additive Manufacturing

Let’s be honest here, who doesn’t like 3D printers?

They are so culturally significant. Makes you feel like you are finally beginning to live in the age of the Jetsons!


(still hoping for my own Rosie)

At E. J. Basler we try to incorporate additive manufacturing where ever we can. Albeit, 3D printing is still evolving, as are our skills, but we are excited about how this will help us continue to lead the field and be the best precision parts provider.

Jaws, holders, etc. Check out the picture below for our most recent project in order to continue to drive value and continuous imrpovement.

We would love to see how we can incorporate additive manufacturing into your next project!