More Hydromat Machines Arriving at E.J. Basler

Hydromat Machine at EJ BaslerIt’s Hydromat moving day at E.J. Basler Co. We sold an older model machine tool and are moving in 2 hydromat machines to run production orders for a brand new customer.

It’s exciting to ramp up our capacity and do so with the Hydromat Epic series.

The Epic Hydromat machines offer precision machined parts at high volumes that are perfect for Automotive suppliers and U.S. Government military suppliers.

With the growth of our Hydromat machining capabilities we are adding to our experienced Rotary Transfer team. You can see new employment opportunities at EJ Basler Co. here.

More Exciting Hydromat News

We aren’t done yet! In 2 weeks the EJ Basler Co. will accept delivery on 2 more Hydromats to begin the PPAP process for another new high volume product for the automotive industry.

All the hard work and dedication to improving our precision machining capabilities continues to enable our company to grow and succeed. We are really looking forward to providing two new customers with smooth product launches.

To discuss how EJ Basler can assist you with your next precision machining project, please contact us here.