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Materials Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel CNC Precision Machining

E.J. Basler offers precision machining services of numerous plastics and metal alloys, including stainless steel. We have decades of experience working with various grades of stainless steel to machine high-quality and ultra-precise stainless steel machine parts and products. Using a complete in-house tooling capabilities and advanced machining equipment, including CNC, Swiss, and multi-spindle, we can design and manufacture stainless steel machined parts and equipment for a broad range of applications—from highly polished consumer products to heavy-duty machinery in demanding industrial environments.

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Stainless steel combines excellent high tensile strength, high work-hardening rate, ductility, and malleability to create highly durable machined parts. These characteristics greatly influence the machinability of stainless steel, which is why it is routinely used for high-production equipment and parts. Because stainless steel alloys contain at least 10.5 percent chromium, they offer enhanced corrosion and rust resistance compared to other types of steel. Stainless steel machined parts typically do not require a surface finish. Finally, the fabrication flexibility of stainless steel allows it to be easily welded, formed, forged, and extruded.

E.J. Basler offers precision stainless steel machined parts with superior surface finish, tight tolerances, and long tool life.


The following are some of the physical and mechanical properties that make stainless steel a commonly used material for machined parts and products.

  • Corrosion-resistant to moisture, various atmospheric conditions, and many chemicals and acids
  • High-temperature resistance, including oxidation and scaling in aggressive environments and elevated temperatures
  • High tensile strength and toughness
  • Virtually maintenance free and no protective coating or special surface treatment is required, which means lower maintenance and repair costs
  • Highly polished surface with a bright, metallic luster for added cosmetic and aesthetic appeal
  • Combination of strength and corrosion and heat resistance offers extreme durability for a long and trouble‑free service life
  • Offers fabrication flexibility and excellent machinability, malleability, and weldability
  • Capable of meeting a wide range of manufacturing and end-use requirements
  • Sustainable and recyclable material that is cost-effective

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