ISO TS16949 Certified – Company Celebration

 EJ-Basler-Precision-Machining-Cookout-1We had a wonderful ISO T S Certification celebration steak cook-out this week.

Dennis, Ed, and Brian, the owners of E. J. Basler, cooked over 100 steaks this Tuesday to congratulate all the hard work that our employees did on our journey to ISO/TS 16949 certification. 

EJ-Basler-Precision-Machining-TS-CertificationWe were certified this spring to ISO TS16949, an ISO (International Standards Organization) standard for the Automotive industry. The process to certification was a long journey that required everyone on our staff to perform at the top of their game.

Essentially, ISO TS16949 certification required deeper analysis and fine tuning the quality gates in every department in the company from Engineering to Sales to Machining. We are so proud of our employees for the many hours of training and education they participated in. 

EJ-Basler-TS-Certification-Cookout-PartyISO TS16949 has been a remarkable new tool for continuous improvement and it goes right back to education, one of our core pillars at E. J. Basler. Our goal of being a continually improving, learning organization helped push us towards the path to ISO TS16949 and we could not be happier with the decision.

Onward & Upward!