Improving Custom Machined Part Quality with Better Communication

precision machine partsIt is amazing what can be accomplished through continuous improvement. One of our projects, initiated this past quarter, was to develop a new APQP with our suppliers. APQP stands for advanced product quality planning, a term that was originated by the  Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG).

Through this process we are able to sit down with our suppliers and discuss exactly what is needed. Each party is able to share their needs and clear up any ambiguity that might exist.

Increased Collaboration on Precision Machine Parts

We have rolled out our new form and the responses have been very positive. This extra layer of information provides a clear understanding of the requirements resulting in a robust process for all of the custom machined parts we manufacture. The dialogue is mutually beneficial because we are able to gain industry experience and plan for potential failure modes. Manufacturing is a collaborative endeavor which is why we are so happy to partner with some of the best suppliers in America.

At E. J. Basler all precision machine parts that we produce goes through our internal APQP meetings or as we like to call it “Green Sheet” meetings. During this time, we sit down with employees from all areas of our company; purchasing, engineering, manufacturing, and quality. Having a diverse group of individuals provides us with the opportunity to plan for whatever Potential Failure Modes that might exist. Each dimension on the print is discussed and accounted for. What is so exciting about our Supplier APQP is that we will now be able to align with our suppliers and together produce the highest quality precision machine parts.

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