copper cnc machined partsFor over 25 years, E.J. Basler has been a premier manufacturer of precision machined copper components. Combining our industry expertise with our precision copper machining services, we fabricate complex copper parts for a wide range of applications and industries, including electronics, medical, military, and automotive. We have experience working with various copper alloys and can recommend a specific one that will best meet your part requirements. We offer a wide range of state-of-art machining and secondary processes, including CNC, Swiss, multi-spindle, Davenport, and Hydromat, that offer advantages such as higher machining speed, close dimensional and form tolerances, improved surface finish, reduced material waste, and longer tool life. We can quickly produce precision machined copper parts and components that meet strict requirements and specifications with fast cycle times and a high level of accuracy and repeatability.


Cooper and copper alloys offer a combination of excellent electrical and thermal conductivity and high corrosion resistance that is easy to machine. This offers significant advantages for the production of parts for electrical applications, in which electrical conductivity is essential. Cooper is a soft, malleable, and ductile metal that often needs to be strengthen for industrial applications. For example, adding beryllium to copper strengthens the alloy so that it is on par with many high-grade steel alloys. Copper is a low-cost material that is easy to shape and then heat-treated to the desired hardness to improve the durability of machined copper parts. Finally, copper offers ease of joining by a wide variety of methods, including brazing, soldering, bolding, or adhesives.

E.J. Basler offers precision machined copper parts and components with superior surface finish, tight tolerances, and long tool life.


The following are some of the physical and mechanical properties that makes copper and copper alloys a commonly used material for machined parts and products.

  • Superior electrical conductivity for excellent conduction of both electricity and heat
  • Ductile and malleable material that is easy to shape and form
  • Naturally resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Higher feed speeds increase productivity and profitability
  • Certain copper alloys, for example, copper beryllium, have comparable strengths to steel alloys
  • Non-magnetic and non-sparking material that offers high levels of heat transfer
  • Highly polished surface with a bright, reddish brown color for added cosmetic and aesthetic appeal
  • Completely recyclable for highly sustainable machining



The numerous advantages and benefits of copper makes it a preferred material for precision CNC, Swiss, and other machining techniques. E.J. Basler can machine parts, components, and products using copper alloys for virtually any application or industry, including but not limited to the following:

  • Electronics
  • Semiconductors
  • Electrical applications
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Military and defense
  • Construction
  • Industrial machinery
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • House appliances
  • Transportation
  • Consumer products
  • Marine


E.J. Basler has experience machining high-quality, ultra-precise parts and products from a variety of copper and copper alloys, including the following:

  • Copper C10200. Combines superior electrical heat conductivity, excellent corrosion resistance, and high thermal conductivity ideal for electrical applications. High formability and weldability properties.
  • Copper C14500. With the addition of tellurium, this copper allow offers higher machinability with enhanced cutting properties than other copper alloys.

If you need a part machined from a type of copper not on the list, contact us and we will work with you on your unique project.



E.J. Basler canĀ  deliver high-quality copper machined parts with excellent mechanical properties, intricate geometries, and precise tolerances with consistent and accurate repeatability. We are a high-volume machine shop that offers various machining and secondary service capabilities, including Hydromat, Davenport, Swiss, multi-spindle, and CNC machining. We are ISO 9001:2015 and ITAF 16949:2016 certified, which helps ensure we deliver the most precise and accurate part and components to our customers.

For over 25 years, we have proudly manufactured affordable, high-quality machined parts and components with tight tolerances and precise finishes. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced team of engineers and customer support staff can help you design and machine a single prototype or thousands of OEM or custom parts with the same precision, accuracy, and repeatability. We will assist you with your unique specifications, including helping you select the right material for any application or industry.

Contact E.J. Basler to inquire about how we can help you with all your machined part needs.


Current Quality Certifications

  • IATF 16949:2016 certified
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Additive manufacturing available
  • Automated inspection equipment unique to your part available with in house automation team
  • PPAP compliant for all your capability study needs
  • FMEA used throughout the manufacturing system- from inception to shipment