E.J. Basler has decades of experience working with brass alloys, machining high-precise custom brass machined products. We provide advanced machining and secondary services, including CNC, Swiss, multi-spindle, Davenport, Acme, and Hydromat, to manufacture brass turned parts, components, and fittings for a wide variety of industries. Our precision brass machining capabilities offer highly customized part solutions that can be precisely shaped to meet your specifications while achieving stringent tolerances on form, dimension, and surfaces.


Brass is a material composed of mainly copper and zinc; however, other elements can be added to enhance it’s properties as needed. The addition of tin, manganese, aluminum, silicon, and lead make various types of brass ideal for specific applications. Overall, brass is a highly malleable metal that can be easily formed, turned, brazed, and fabricated. Based on it’s composition, brass alloys can offer good strength, ductility, durability, resistance to corrosion, and high heat and wear resistance. The machinability of brass reduces tooling costs and cuts down on cycle times, making it more cost-effective and sustainable.

E.J. Basler offers precision brass machined parts with superior quality, tolerances, and surface finish.


The following are some of the properties that make brass a commonly used material for machined parts and products.

  • Excellent machinability
  • Faster cycle times that increase productivity
  • Perfect for high temperature applications
  • Longer tool life and decreased down time
  • Low friction coefficient, which enhances high-speed capabilities and reduces wear and tear
  • Highly polished surface with a bright metallic luster for added cosmetic and aesthetic appeal
  • Completely recyclable for highly sustainable machining


The numerous advantages and benefits of brass makes it a preferred material for precision CNC, Swiss, and other machining techniques. E.J. Basler can machine parts, components, and products using brass for virtually any application or industry, including but not limited to the following:

  • Automotive
  • Metal working
  • Medical
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Architecture
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Furniture
  • Home hardware
  • Musical instruments
  • Consumer products
  • Fluid Control


E.J. Basler has experience machining high-quality, ultra-precise parts and products from a variety of brass alloys, including the following:

  • Brass C35300. Offers extremely high levels of machinability commonly used for screw machine products and other moving parts that experience friction. Offers a combination of good strength and high corrosion and wear resistance.
  • Brass C36000. Widely used alloy that offers excellent machining performance, good tensile strength, and good wear and corrosion resistance. Ideal for parts that require low friction.
  • Lead-free Brass. Highly suitable for parts and components that require a combination of high strength, machinability, and corrosion and wear resistance. Ideal for plumbing applications.

If you need a part machined from a type of brass not on the list, contact us and we will work with you on your unique project.


E.J. Basler can deliver high-quality brass machined parts with excellent mechanical properties, intricate geometries, and precise tolerances with consistent and accurate repeatability. We are a high-volume machine shop that offers various machining and secondary service capabilities, including Hydromat, Davenport, Acme, Swiss, multi-spindle, and CNC machining. We are ISO 9001:2015 and ITAF 16949:2016 certified, which helps ensure we deliver the most precise and accurate part and components to our customers.

We will assist you with your unique specifications, including helping you select the right material for any application or industry.

Contact E.J. Basler to inquire about how we can help you with all your machined part needs.