Our Story

The E.J. Basler company has a long and exciting legacy of precision machining experience. We are renowned for delivering world class products and services to a wide range of customers in specialized industries throughout the world.

Family Owned and Operated

Actually, EJ Basler’s history goes back to 1945 when we were founded by Erv and Anne Basler – a brother and sister team from Chicago. Over the years the company has evolved but our principles and commitment to quality and customer service have remained steadfast. Currently EJ Basler is helmed by Ed, Dennis and Brian Basler, the sons of Erv.

The E.J. Basler story is still being written. Certain aspects, we do control. Those are the chapters that contain commitments: our commitment to Quality, Customers, Loyalty and Innovation will never change.

Over our many years of serving Clients, we have established a set of Core Values which have served us well and ensured our focus remains true.

We invite you to be a part of the E.J. Basler Story and would be delighted to play a part in your next project.