Building Project

We are excited to announce the adaptive re-use of the building next door.

For many years, we have explored the idea of expansion. This is not an idea undertaken lightly but one we embarked on because we believe in the power of manufacturing. The ability to make precision machined parts, these small works of art, out of rough bar stock is a thing of beauty. There were many reasons not to expand; cost, uncertain business climate, the sheer weight of rehabilitating a building but we knew that because we are a purpose driven organization called to impact our community through job creation there is no other option but growth.

When we first went down the path of expansion, we looked at countless new buildings. We saw all sorts of opportunities around but nothing quite fit. Then a year ago, we made an offer on the underutilized industrial building next door. We realized that we had the unique opportunity to not only expand but also favorably impact our community around us. We firmly believe in leaving our environment better than how we found it. With that mantra in mind, we embarked on the adaptive re-use of the building next door.

In 1957, Erv Basler bought some property on Ainslie St in Schiller Park and E. J. Basler has since been a mainstay in this community going through two prior expansions over the years. We believe in the power of manufacturing and how working and staying within our community can continue a dialogue of responsibility and creativity.

Through the process of adapting the facility we were able to recycle and donate all the previous bricks on the building, incorporate sunlight paneling to lower our electric cost and boost employee morale. We were also able to recycle the cement flooring and retrofit the existing building with Ecosteel greatly minimizing the carbon impact of building an entirely new structure.

We can’t wait for this time of social distancing to end and we can invite you to our new facility designed with you the customer in mind. Until that time, thank you for partnering with E.J. Basler and inspiring the next generation of machinists, operators, and technicians all dedicated to providing precision machined parts.

The EJ Basler Company is only 5 minutes from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. Please visit us the next time you’re passing through.