Precision Machined Hydraulic Spools – Product Profile

Precision Machined Hydraulic Spool - Product Details ImageThese lovely, simple precision machined parts are plain steel, hydraulic spools that then gets heat treated and precision ground on the OD.

The length to diameter ratio lends itself quite will to what is known as a sliding headstock or “Swiss type” CNC lathe.  The “pinching” action used on these lathes is ideally suited for long, skinny parts such as these. Continue reading “Precision Machined Hydraulic Spools – Product Profile”

Large Diameter CNC Swiss Machines

swissmachineE.J. Basler has CNC Swiss style lathes that have the capability of running 38 mm bars. This capacity is the largest available on Swiss machines and we can run the full range of part sizes to fulfill our customer’s needs.

For non-guide bushing applications our Star machine tools can handle up to 42 mm capacity which fills a strategic sector of the machining market. Continue reading “Large Diameter CNC Swiss Machines”

Statistical Process Control for Swiss Machining

Statistical-Process-Control-for-Swiss-Machining-1E.J. Basler Company started running a new part in our Swiss machining department and the SPC (Statistical Process Control) is looking very good. We are very excited to start this project.

As you can see, our dimensions are staying within tolerances and we have achieved a pretty solid process. That’s the most important part really: repeatability. Continue reading “Statistical Process Control for Swiss Machining”