Precision Manufacturing of Brass Parts

Precision Machined Brass Parts
Example of precision machined brass parts from E.J. Basler

In the Chicago region, E.J. Basler is a go-to supplier of both decorative and complex brass components. We supply high volume plumbing fixture parts to one of the country’s leading faucet makers.

Our expertise in Swiss Machining means that our team can handle the most complex components as well. Continue reading “Precision Manufacturing of Brass Parts”

Large Diameter CNC Swiss Machines

swissmachineE.J. Basler has CNC Swiss style lathes that have the capability of running 38 mm bars. This capacity is the largest available on Swiss machines and we can run the full range of part sizes to fulfill our customer’s needs.

For non-guide bushing applications our Star machine tools can handle up to 42 mm capacity which fills a strategic sector of the machining market. Continue reading “Large Diameter CNC Swiss Machines”