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Hydromat Stations

hydromat1E. J. Basler has an extensive array of Hydromat Rotary Transfer Machines. Utilizing both manual (hydraulically driven), CNC, and EPIC machine types, there are no parts that we can’t be competitive on that fit the bill.

Hydromat machines fit into the category of “rotary transfer” type machines. A slug is cut off from barstock (part blanks such as forgings, castings, etc. can also be robotically loaded). Each work piece is then loaded into a collet and indexed to the next machining station.

E. J. Basler has both 12 and 16 station type machines which divides the work among each station (ex: turn, drill, ream, bore, thread, mill, etc.). Similar to multi-spindle logic, dividing up the machining stations greatly decreases the cycle time per part. The longest hydromat machining operation in the machine then determines the cycle time for the part.

Hydromat Rotary Transfer Machine – Versatile Modular System

The Hydromat Rotary Transfer Machine is a modular system consisting of horizontal and vertical tool spindles rigidly mounted around a precision cast iron ring.

This arrangement provides tremendous versatility and flexibility in a turnkey precision machining system while eliminating secondary operations. Hydromats are designed for very long running jobs due to their fast cycle times and extreme quality capability. Depending on the specific work piece, jobs can range from 150,000 EAU to several million.


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