More Hydromat Machines Arriving at E.J. Basler

Hydromat Machine at EJ BaslerIt’s Hydromat moving day at E.J. Basler Co. We sold an older model machine tool and are moving in 2 hydromat machines to run production orders for a brand new customer.

It’s exciting to ramp up our capacity and do so with the Hydromat Epic series.

The Epic Hydromat machines offer precision machined parts at high volumes that are perfect for Automotive suppliers and U.S. Government military suppliers. Continue reading “More Hydromat Machines Arriving at E.J. Basler”

Improving Custom Machined Part Quality with Better Communication

precision machine partsIt is amazing what can be accomplished through continuous improvement. One of our projects, initiated this past quarter, was to develop a new APQP with our suppliers. APQP stands for advanced product quality planning, a term that was originated by the  Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG). Continue reading “Improving Custom Machined Part Quality with Better Communication”

EJ Basler Proudly Hosts Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day - EJ BaslerThe EJ Basler Company is pumped to host 100 Leyden High School students for this year’s Manufacturing Day on Friday, October 2, 2015. The students will be coming from East Leyden High School’s machine shop class. This is the fourth year in a row that we have been able to facilitate this event and every year the participates grow. Last year’s event resulted in three new interns that came to work with us this past summer. It is a core belief here at E. J. Basler, that the future of manufacturing lies in today’s youth. Can’t wait to #rockmfgday this year! Continue reading “EJ Basler Proudly Hosts Manufacturing Day”

Statistical Process Control for Swiss Machining

Statistical-Process-Control-for-Swiss-Machining-1E.J. Basler Company started running a new part in our Swiss machining department and the SPC (Statistical Process Control) is looking very good. We are very excited to start this project.

As you can see, our dimensions are staying within tolerances and we have achieved a pretty solid process. That’s the most important part really: repeatability. Continue reading “Statistical Process Control for Swiss Machining”