Summer Internships in Precision Machining – 2016

Precision Machining Education and InternshipsAnd with a blink of an eye, the spring rains have gone and summer’s sweet sunshine has come.

Hello, everyone! It is June 6th and I can almost not believe how fast this year has gone by.

We are excited to announce our summer interns arrive tomorrow. We will have 6 high schoolers throughout our precision machine shop spending a week in each department for five weeks. Then for the final four weeks, the interns will be able to choose a department to take a deeper dive into. We are pumped to get to know the interns better and have a chance to learn from each other.

About Precision Machining Internships

E.J. Basler’s internship programs have been an amazing addition to the company. Not only are we able to shed some light into what manufacturing looks like today, we are also able to learn from the next generation. It has been wonderful for our team, as we clearly define the educational needs for each department; while pushing ourselves to understand the “why” behind our jobs.

Have a great week everyone!