Notes from the Growth Summit, Dallas TX

growth-summit-2016-logoAt E.J. Basler one of pillars of growth is education and learning. 3 of our leadership team had the opportunity to attend the Growth Summit in Dallas, Texas last week. At the conference we learned so much from Verne Harnish and other renowned authors. Verne is the author of the book, Scaling Up ( which is a go-to book on building a dynamic, growing company that is significant in the precision machining industry. 

Highlights of the Growth Summit

Mark-Cuban-Growth-SummitA couple of highlights are from Ron Kaufman and Mark Cuban. Ron Kaufman author of Uplifting Service. Ron helped the country of Singapore become known for their customer service culture. Here is a 4 minute interview with Ron Kaufman, Ron shares a simple definition of service that makes it very operational (2:25 into the video) and reminds us that outstanding customer service is a key way to make our businesses excel.

Leadership and Learning

Mark Cuban held court with us at the Maverick’s Arena.  Here’s a link to 12 more practical tips from Mark, succinctly captured in Kevin Daum’s Tuesday Inc. column – it’s worth the 2 minutes to scan his bullet points.

The highlight is that we should continually work to know our customers and personnel well. Mark emphasizes that we need to be continuous learners and voracious readers.

Trust the Experienced Precision Machine Shop

I believe our customers appreciate the knowledge we have at E.J. Basler. Over 1755 years of precision machine shop floor experience in precision machining coupled with an emphasis of continuous learning. We believe that we make the ideal partner and would be pleased to help with your next precision machining project.

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