Precision Machining A Life Long Pursuit

At E. J. Basler, we have been in precision machining for over 50 years and we love what we do.

This past year we have had the opportunity for some great growth with the addition of new capacity throughout our facility with excellent new hires and new machines.

2017 was the year of growth with:

All of these additions has helped us to increase our capacity and meet with current market demands. Each new acquisition has provided us the opportunity to serve our customers better and ultimately continue our great partnerships with our suppliers and customers.

Precision Machined Hydraulic Spools – Product Profile

Precision Machined Hydraulic Spool - Product Details ImageThese lovely, simple precision machined parts are plain steel, hydraulic spools that then gets heat treated and precision ground on the OD.

The length to diameter ratio lends itself quite will to what is known as a sliding headstock or “Swiss type” CNC lathe.  The “pinching” action used on these lathes is ideally suited for long, skinny parts such as these. Continue reading “Precision Machined Hydraulic Spools – Product Profile”