Beauty in Precision Machining

Precision Machine Shop in Chicago - Sample PartsAs a child I remember walking through the machine shop with my father, being scared to touch anything and marveling at the beautiful color of all the metal chips. The machine shop was like another world, full of precision and excitement and hard work. People were sweating away, obsessed with being perfect. Now that I get to work with my family, and some of the best employees around, I am reminded of those times and how amazing it was to see huge bars of metal being cut to pristine parts.

What I love about manufacturing is that you are literally creating something out of nothing. We start with some oil, bars, and amazing machines and come out with beautiful parts. Parts that go into the automotive industry, in plumbing, in agriculture, everywhere. Continue reading “Beauty in Precision Machining”

Summer Internships in Precision Machining – 2016

Precision Machining Education and InternshipsAnd with a blink of an eye, the spring rains have gone and summer’s sweet sunshine has come.

Hello, everyone! It is June 6th and I can almost not believe how fast this year has gone by.

We are excited to announce our summer interns arrive tomorrow. We will have 6 high schoolers throughout our precision machine shop spending a week in each department for five weeks. Then for the final four weeks, the interns will be able to choose a department to take a deeper dive into. We are pumped to get to know the interns better and have a chance to learn from each other. Continue reading “Summer Internships in Precision Machining – 2016”

Notes from the Growth Summit, Dallas TX

growth-summit-2016-logoAt E.J. Basler one of pillars of growth is education and learning. 3 of our leadership team had the opportunity to attend the Growth Summit in Dallas, Texas last week. At the conference we learned so much from Verne Harnish and other renowned authors. Verne is the author of the book, Scaling Up ( which is a go-to book on building a dynamic, growing company that is significant in the precision machining industry.  Continue reading “Notes from the Growth Summit, Dallas TX”

Careers in Precision Machining

Career in Precision MachiningLately, I have been researching about employee engagement. This research has led me to better understand our intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivators. The extrinsic motivators such as incentives and rewards, are short term fuel for motivation. However, intrinsic motivators such as autonomy, mastery, and purpose are the long term fuel for motivation.

There is an excellent TedTalk about motivation from author Daniel Pink on this subject. Please take a look here.

Continue reading “Careers in Precision Machining”