Beauty in Precision Machining

Precision Machine Shop in Chicago - Sample PartsAs a child I remember walking through the machine shop with my father, being scared to touch anything and marveling at the beautiful color of all the metal chips. The machine shop was like another world, full of precision and excitement and hard work. People were sweating away, obsessed with being perfect. Now that I get to work with my family, and some of the best employees around, I am reminded of those times and how amazing it was to see huge bars of metal being cut to pristine parts.

What I love about manufacturing is that you are literally creating something out of nothing. We start with some oil, bars, and amazing machines and come out with beautiful parts. Parts that go into the automotive industry, in plumbing, in agriculture, everywhere.

Today we get to stand together as part of American Manufacturing and be proud of the work that we do.

Raw Materials for Precision MachiningThere is something beautiful about that. There is a level of strength that comes from finding pride in our jobs and making our customers happy.

We don’t just do this to get through the day. We make precision machined parts because we love to work with our hands. We love being a small part in the massive machine of our economy. We love making our parts a little better then the next guy because we know the value of our products. We know that our parts go into assemblies that effect our children.

We are here for the next generation. We care about our future. We are American manufacturers and we care about the products we make.

 That might make the EJ Basler Company different – but we would not have it any other way.