Precision Machined Hydraulic Spools – Product Profile

Precision Machined Hydraulic Spool - Product Details ImageThese lovely, simple precision machined parts are plain steel, hydraulic spools that then gets heat treated and precision ground on the OD.

The length to diameter ratio lends itself quite will to what is known as a sliding headstock or “Swiss type” CNC lathe.  The “pinching” action used on these lathes is ideally suited for long, skinny parts such as these. Continue reading “Precision Machined Hydraulic Spools – Product Profile”

High Precision Differential Bevel Pinion Shaft – Product Profile

High-Precision-Differential Bevel Pinion Shaft - For use in Agriculture

These beautifully machined parts are high precision differential bevel pinion shafts that are used on agricultural equipment.

The material is a special quench and tempered high alloy steel that gets further heat treated with a specific gas nitride operation.

This heat treatment provides a very high surface hardness, extreme wear resistance, anti-galling/fatigue properties, and improved corrosion resistance. Continue reading “High Precision Differential Bevel Pinion Shaft – Product Profile”

Precision Machined Hydraulic Assembly – Product Profile

Precision Machined Steel-Nut with Adjustment Screw & Rubber-O-Ring
Precision Machined Steel-Nut with Adjustment Screw & Rubber-O-Ring

This precision machined part is a hydraulic assembly that actually contains 3 component parts:  a steel nut, a steel adjustment screw, and a rubber o-ring.

A common failure mode in many manufacturing companies is missing or improperly placed o-rings within sealing areas. (This can cause major line and field failures depending on the assembly application.)

The E.J. Basler Company has developed a special laser light poke-yoke fixture that eliminates this failure mode.

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Precision Brass Components – Product Profile

Precision Brass Components and Machined Brass PartsThis part is a connector inside a compressed natural gas (CNG) valve body… a vital and beautiful brass component that also demonstrates E.J. Basler Company’s exceptional brass precision machining capabilities.

The thread on the outside is actually a specially formed left hand thread for full engagement in the mating part. The broach on the ID and hex on the OD help clock the entire assembly after all parts are mated together. The front lip has a mirror-smooth finish that allows for a “gas-tight” connection to be made.

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