Precision Machining Technology

Like everything else in the world, precision machining technology has only gotten more intense.

My grandfather started this company in the 40’s and steadily ever since the key to our success has been in the details.

We are a precision machine shop focused on creating beautiful products like the ones featured here. Precision machined parts that are capable of holding tolerances to the 50 millionths (.00005).

Precision Machine Technology - Sample Precision Machined Parts
Precision Machine Technology allows the EJ Basler Company to create parts capable of holding tolerances to the 50 millionths (.00005)

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Swiss Machine – Largest In the World

Swiss Screw Machine Parts
Swiss Screw Machine Parts

Making this part on a Swiss Machine… Loving the lines and precision. A Swiss Machine is also called a Swiss Screw Machine, or a Swiss Lathe.

These incredible machines were born from the precise watchmakers of Switzerland, which is how they got their names. Today the CNC style Swiss screw machine is an amazing pieces of machinery that is used to manufacture precision parts for many uses in many industries all across the world – far removed from the watch manufacturing industry where they started. Continue reading “Swiss Machine – Largest In the World”

Summer Internships in Precision Machining – 2016

Precision Machining Education and InternshipsAnd with a blink of an eye, the spring rains have gone and summer’s sweet sunshine has come.

Hello, everyone! It is June 6th and I can almost not believe how fast this year has gone by.

We are excited to announce our summer interns arrive tomorrow. We will have 6 high schoolers throughout our precision machine shop spending a week in each department for five weeks. Then for the final four weeks, the interns will be able to choose a department to take a deeper dive into. We are pumped to get to know the interns better and have a chance to learn from each other. Continue reading “Summer Internships in Precision Machining – 2016”